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Water Conservation

Bill n Ben Wheelie Bin Men are committed to saving water and to following the recommendations from the water advisory council. We are always looking at the latest technology and water saving devices to further reduce our water use.

When you clean your Wheelie Bin with a hose or a bucket and sponge it will typically use about 10-20 litres of water. By using "Bill n Ben Wheelie Bin Men" a full clean typically uses less than one litre of water per clean, even less if your bin is regularly cleaned by "Bill n Ben Wheelie Bin Men".

We have several large rainwater collection tanks that provide all our water requirements. So, we are using pure fresh rainwater to clean your bins. We also employ the latest water saving, high PSI, pressure cleaners to hoard and save our precious water, making sure we get the best value out of every drop.

We capture as much water as possible in our cleaning process, this is returned to our collection tank and then filtered with an oil/water seperator unit. The cleaned water is then recycled as "Grey water" through the local "Grey water" programs. We do not use recycled water or "Grey Water" during our cleaning as the misting of "Grey Water" in a cleaning process has some detrimental health concerns.

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