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What to Recycle?

There have been a few changes in what can be recycled by IWS. Until further notice residents in the Ipswich area can ONLY place the following in the yellow bins.

For more information go to the IWS web site or even better download the IWC "What to recycle" app by clicking the recycle icon below.



Items not recyclable


Paper & Cardboard

Milk/juice cartons.
Cardboard boxes.
Clean pizza boxes.

Waxed paper.
Waxed fruit boxes.
Carbon paper.

Ensure the paper is not
contaminated with food.
Paper that is soiled with food should be in the garbage. Place any small pieces of paper in paper bags to avoid spillage.

1,2,3,4 & 5
(see symbols below)

Soft drink bottles &
Plastic milk bottles.
Plastics numbered

1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.
Yoghurt containers.
Ice cream containers.

Any plastic lids
without the recycle
numbers 1-5 on them.
Plastic bags.

Please rinse all bottles and
Remove drinking straws from bottles, place the straws in the garbage bin.


Food Cans.
Aerosol Cans.
Jar lids.
Coffee/Paint tins.

Car parts.

Rinse food containers. Ensure aerosol cans are empty. Take paint tins with left over paint in them to the re-use centre. Remove the plastic nozzle.


Soft drink/beer cans.
Clean aluminium foil.

Foils soiled with food.

Rinse where possible. Remove the plastic nozzle.


update for Ipswich


Until further notice there is NO recycling of GLASS and please do not place glass into the yellow topped recycle bins.

IWS will be making alternative arrangement for GLASS once the investigation into methods of re-use are investigated. In the interim residents should:

• Place glass (cleaned, with lids removed) in your general red-lidded waste bin or
• Drop off glass (cleaned, removed) at either the Riverview or Rosewood recycle and refuse centres.
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